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Desert Trees


I love good soap. I'm always drawn to colors, shapes, packaging and, of course, scents. I still can't get enough of a good, clean, wonderful smelling bar of soap. This is why I started thinking about making my own soap. After years of researching, I became a soap maker. And since moving to the Mojave Desert, I became fascinated with the plants that grow hearty out here in this harsh environment. I constantly wondered how I could incorporate those plants into the soap making process.

 It became important for me to use as many ingredients as possible that are found here in the Mojave Desert. I visit a goat farm in Pioneertown regularly to have fresh goat milk for many of my soap bases. I infuse pure olive oil with creosote cut from my backyard. I use aloe vera from my front yard which grows well out here and I dry lavender flowers from a desert lavender bush growing wild in the Mojave desert.  My sage plants are insane. They grow so well out here. I have three varieties in my yard, Texas, Russian and I'm currently nurturing two white sage plants to grow a little larger before I can pick their medicinal leaves. Mesquite trees are native to the Mojave Desert and the bean pod that falls from the tree can be boiled down into a sweet creamy molasses, making a beautiful soap with fat, fluffy lather. I forage Juniper Berries from a friend's property and infused them into my oils.  This is why I decided to give my soaps the name Mojave Desert Soap. 

My soaps recipes are thoughtfully planned out and handcrafted in small batches. Just like good food made with love, the love for my soap making shines through with the finished product.  
A good, clean, rustic bar of soap, made in the Mojave Desert for you. 

-Gina Bracamonte

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